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"I felt like a million dollers!" - Laura


"Amazing experience , felt like a supersrat from the start!" - Anon feedback form


"just felt so relaxed, happy and beautiful; love meeting new women too!" - Dawn


"10 out ot 10, warm welcome, friendly and well organised!" - Anon feedback form


" I want to do it all over again!" - Anne


"Honestly the best birthday, i will never forget sharing this with you all! " - Kay


"I dont think i stopped smiling start to finish!" - Davina


"Its not like other shoots, its so girl power, Fun but well organised!" - Anon feedback form

'Thankyou for making me feel so welcome!" -Angela

"Its made me feel more confident, and embrace my glasses!' -Emma

"10 out of 10 and beyond!" -Anon





All Women Photoshoot


Lauren (hairdresser) 07511563997


Frankie (photographer)



Facebook @All Women Photoshoot


Email -

T&C and recently asked questions


How do I book? Email telling us what shoot and for how many people


How do I pay?

When you email us we will send you a T&C and booking form, you will have 8 days from receiving that to pay your deposit, if the 8 day pass your spot will be available to book by another, you can re-apply , but we can’t promise the space will become available again

Payments are made via PayPal.

Please note deposits are non-refundable.


What if I miss a payment?

We will send you reminders, but if we are hearing nothing back and payments are missed, we’ll have to assume you don’t want the space! Your deposit will be lost and your place given away (we are nice we promise, but we don’t want to chase anyone when there’s a waiting list for a space!)


Are your shoots wheel chair assessable?

Most are yes, it’s best to ask. Some venues are beautiful, but very old and may have laws against building lifts, we do make more are accessible than not! But please email us to make sure as we are unqualified to lift or care in the correct manor and we don’t want any trips to A&E!


What about parking?

Its top of our must have list! Free, easy parking that’s close or within the venue, we will state if there’s not but we rarely book a venue without a nice big car park!


Can I bring a friend/my child/ a plus one?

Unfortunately is paid models only! And absolutely no child under the age of 16 , there’s far too much health and safety for one, but we want you to relax and enjoy! Make new friends!

However if you have a career, of course most welcome, however if he is male he may be banished a little so he may want to bring a book! As the lady’s need to feel safe to get changed , if you’re a breast feeding mum and dad wants to nip in to pass baby over, just let us know! We can ask the venue for a more private space – not that we are against feeding in pubic at all (you go girl!) just that hairspray tastes gross and I’m sure baby will agree!


What about transport?

We don’t take any responsibility for how you get to us or back, but we can usually recommend a local hotel if that helps and you want to make a weekend of it!


Where so my photos go?

That’s up to you! You will get a wavier upon arrival, you simply tick boxes or where (if anywhere|) you want your photos. If there just for you… that’s fine! Or you can choose to let us share them on social media to help change the media and show women are beautiful! All shapes, sizes an ages!


How long does the day last?

We usually aim to start at 9am-9.30 and we hope to have everything wrapping up by 3pm- 4pm , it depends how large the shoot party is!

However hair usually takes 45 mins, makeup the same, a shoot is anything from 25-45 mins (depending on how quickly you relax into it!)

Then we stop for cake and sugar! Then we usually do a big group shot, and allow you all to make friends go off in groups and fill your phones full of selfie’s!

You receive a run down, and if you don’t want to stay for the group shot, its your day! Leave when you like!


How to I arrive? Hair and makeup prep

Clean, fresh and TOTALLY dry hair, with a makeup free fresh face!

If packages don’t include clothing, bring whatever makes you happy and a backup outfit if you like!

We advise easy ‘slob’ clothed to arrive in, easy to take off over hair (buttons or strap tops!) some even arrive in P.JS!

A dressing gown is advised in cooler months are there fab to chuck on between shots to keep you warm!



we take each case indervidually, we can usaly offer to book you onto another shoot.

Is it for women only?

If you like pretty frocks,  hair and makeup pamper; you couldnt be more welcome! - gender is a tricky thing to put in T&Cs ; if you identify as female/ fluid or part of the LGBTQ+ family, we just ask you to let us know if we need a diffrent hair or makeup kit (for instance, 'drag' makeup and wig brushes arnt something we always have to hand.)This is a safe space!


Any rules?

We understand traffic happens, but if you miss your hair and makeup slot or are extremely late we can’t guarantee we can provide hair and makeup or even a photo-shoot if your very late, we do have to pay for venue spaces and it’s on a time limit, not to mention the natural light restrictions! You won’t be refunded, we ask you to leave in plenty of time.

It’s also that we could have a model in after you and it’s unfair to cut her pamper short if she’s well on time.


No e-cigs/smoking there will be an area for you


Treat others as you’d like to be treated (we are a fun bunch! Our photo shoot experiences are usually full of giggles! )


No pets/dogs except guide/warning dogs (please let us know upon booking)


We also do ask you to support our pages, and to trust Frankies professional eye and not to edit her already beautiful photos(no honestly the cat filter over the beautiful pro photo makes us cry!)


Take photos, tag away, go crazy….


Enjoy! It’s your day, read be quiet … or eat lots or sugar and be centre of attention! Whatever makes YOU ….you!


Lauren, our hairstylist on 07511563997



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